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Ecuador Spanish School in Montanita
Learn Spanish on the beach of Ecuador

Study in our Spanish School on the beach of Ecuador

Montanita is the perfect place for studying a foreign language

Learn Spanish in Montanita

One-to-one classes

One-on-one Spanish classes

Regular classes

Regular Spanish class

Montanita is the perfect place to relax yourself

Montanita is a great place to relax

Surf and Spanish in Montanita

Why not study Spanish, learn to surf and practise yoga at the same time?

One-to-one Spanish classes in Ecuador

One-to-one Spanish classes in Ecuador

In a one-to-one class one of our teachers is teaching Spanish to only one student.

What are the advantages of the one-to-one Spanish classes in Ecuador?

  • You as a student have the undivided attention of your Spanish teacher. This means that you have more opportunities to engage in real communication with your teacher and you get more feedback.
  • In a one-to-one Spanish class the teacher will get a better understanding of your needs. The class will be for satisfying your needs to learn Spanish.
  • You as a student have more control over the aims of the class, the pace and the materials you will use to learn Spanish.
  • In a one-to-one Spanish class it is much easier for you than in a class with many students to use your Spanish teacher as a resource for Spanish: to ask questions, to see models of language, and to practice skills.
  • You can develop a real and productive relationship with your Spanish teacher.
  • Your needs can be addressed more fully because there is more flexibility in timing and structure of the classes so that you have enough time to enjoy staying in Montanita.
  • Your teacher has a greater opportunity to engage in real interaction with you.
  • The teacher does not need to worry about the problems of large groups – mixed ability, group dynamics, early finishers, late arrivals, etc.

Video one-to-one Spanish class in the MarAzul Spanish School

One-to-one Spanish classes in Ecuador - are there any disadvantages?

Some people are a little bit afraid of one-to-one classes because they feel more comfortable practicing new language – and making mistakes - in a class with many students rather than in front of a teacher, because they think it is boring or because they think it would be better to have other students or people to talk to.

But don´t worry. First learning a language means to make mistakes, that is quite normal: everybody makes mistakes. Here in Ecuador and especially in our Spanish School nobody will laugh about mistakes and nobody will tell you anything bad about the mistakes you maybe make.

One-to-one Spanish classes' are not boring. Our teachers know how to make an exciting Spanish class, they are used to it. All the teachers of our Spanish School have years of experience of teaching, all of them holds university degrees and have prior experience in teaching Spanish in Quito or other locations in Ecuador.

Of course during the one-to-one Spanish classes you have only your teacher to talk to. But our classes are not all day long, so before and after classes – and during the breaks – you have a lot of possibilities to get to know and to talk to the other students of our Spanish School. And don´t forget: when you leave the school and enter Montanita you will find a lot of people who only speak Spanish. So outside your one-to-one Spanish classroom you have millions of possibilities to practice your Spanish skills.

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