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Ecuador Spanish School in Montanita
Learn Spanish on the beach of Ecuador

Study in our Spanish School on the beach of Ecuador

Montanita is the perfect place for studying a foreign language

Learn Spanish in Montanita

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One-on-one Spanish classes

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Montanita is the perfect place to relax yourself

Montanita is a great place to relax

Surf and Spanish in Montanita

Why not study Spanish, learn to surf and practise yoga at the same time?


Some of our students opinions:

Travelling in Ecuador:

Montanita is the perfect town to hangout for a while. It´s got beach, good surf and a very good nightlife. Lots of bars, restaurant and a very nice cocktailbar alley. Lots of things to do over there and in half an hour you can be in the rainforest if you like. There is a great mix of people from all over the world and from all walks of life. The vibe is absolutely Relaxed with a big R. If you visit Ecuador, than this is a ´must go´. Although there are a lot of tourists and backpackers, it doesn´t feel too touristic. The town is one of a kind and you just feel good if you´re hanging out there.
I have stayed for a week with my wife and it was good fun. We decided to learn some Spanish and turned out to be a perfect choice. We went to Mar Azul, just outside the center. It´s a smaller school than the one in the center, but from what I have heard from that place in relation to our experience with Mar Azul, it´s not a difficult choice where to go to. We had private lessons from Gaby (she is the owner) for 6 dollars per person per hour. We did 5 times 2 hours, which was perfect for us. It really made the difference between talking with your hands, (which takes long sometimes) and just asking for what you need, or actually being able to have a conversation in Spanish. The atmosphere in the school is quiet and nice. Most of the time outside.
Gaby was really nice and patient with us (was necessary sometimes :-) But it was good to learn in your own pace and focus on some things we would specifically like to learn. After two lessons we were practicing everything we learned and also having conversations about Ecuador and Holland (where we are from) at the same time. This was very nice, because it didn´t feel like being in a classroom and just learning lines at all. It was a good experience, we have learned al lot and it made the rest of our trip more comfortable communication wise.

Sander - Holland



Backpakers Montanita......

Montañita was my first place to stay in Ecuador and it is just the right place to start your travels at.
I took 2 weeks of one-on-one lessons in the Mar Azul Spanish School. For me it was the best decision to go here, I learned a lot and now I can speak Spanish. Well I need to practice a lot more but I learned the entire necessary basis to travel by myself in South America.
Mar azul it is a great school, very relaxed atmosphere in a green area close to the beach. Heli was my teacher was really, really nice as well.  I learned a lot Spanish but also she told me lots of things about Ecuador. Witch was very interesting to get those information’s for first hand.
I also liked it a lot because I was able to schedule my classes like I wanted to and also focus in the content what I want to learn.
I would go to Mar Azul Spanish School over and over again, if I did it again.
I wish the Mar Azul School, Heli and Gaby all the best for the future.
See you again Ecuador
Bye Erick Schilknecht


I have been taking a one week course here at Mar Azul and feel that I have learned a lot. When I came here I only understood a few words and sentences and I couldn’t understand how Spanish works. Now I feel that if I study what I have written down from the classes will be able to speak Spanish basically.
That makes me very happy! I now see that Spanish isn’t than hard.
Thank you
Sofia Lucas
22 de octubre 2010


I have been taken a one week Spanish class, and it is incredible how much I´ve learned! I started as a scared little kitten and now I am a full-growned lion! Just kidding, but you get what I mean, right?
Thank you so much for making me able to speak “travelling fluent” Spanish. This will definitely make my trip to much better and rich one.
Johanna Nystrom

The last 2 weeks with Heleana have been great. My Spanish is at a level that Im very happy with and Im understanding the locals now! I´ve also really enjoyed how Heleana has tailored our lessons to suit us and our learning styles.
Thank you very much for all of your help and making us feel so relaxed and welcome.
Athena Maroulis- Australia
P.S. my favorite lesson was on the beach enjoying the sunshine!

11 February 2011

I am so happy that a school like Marazul exist in Montañit. It offers a delightful combination of a relaxed atmosphere and caring, expert instruction. For 4 weeks I took classes with Miguel, who is an accomplished, dedicated teacher. He cares a lot about his students and truly enjoys teaching and meeting travelers. In Montañita twice I went out to dinner with him and both times he enjoyed himself despite how poorly I spoke spanish. By teh end of my four weeks, however my spanish improved immersely and I have Miguel + Mar Azul Spanish School to thank.

Mar azul throngh Gaby, also organized a delicious typical Ecuadorian lunchs at the school and an excursion to the waterfalls of Alex, with lunch included. Gaby is wonderfully gracious, caring and generours. If you have a problem or a question about staying in Montañita, Gaby is always there to help you. For example I had to figure out where to get a yellow fever vaccination and Gaby asked all around La Libertad, in person and also telephoned a clinic in Guayaquil.

Thank you Gaby and Miguel + Mar Azul for a splendid four weeks. You allare truly special

Diana Pittet

New Jersey U.S.A.


2 May 2011
Marazul Spanish School was excellent. We thoroughly enjoyed our lessons and ended up staying for longer than we expected to have more lessons with Gabi. The atmosphere was great, very relaxed and welcoming.  We found we picked up Spanish very quickly and had a lot of fun learning it.  We made great friends at Marazul and are sad to leave.  We hope you enjoy the school as much as we did.

Jacob and Olivia
Melbourne Australia

practice spanish with locals


May 2011
Dear Marzul- Gabi and Miguel
Muchas Gracias, he aprendido mucho, y era muy divertido.  I have really enjoyed the classes and going at my own pace I have understood the grammer of Spanish- thank you Miguel.
Also the excursion to Agua Blanca was very interesante, relajando y muy divertido, especialmente con el lordo y nadir en el agua del sulfur.  
Thank you, from
Emma Bostock

Montanita                    May 2011
Liebe Gabi & liebeo Miguel & Liebe Isabelle
Vielen Dank fur die schonen Stunden hier. In der Sprachschule habe rich so viel geleant und kann mich jetst endlich auf Spanisch unterhalten.  Es war toll, dars ribs auch Jouren (aun Beispiel au Agua Blanca) und Aktistaten (Yoga) beamittelt habt. Da ich alleum aeise war es schon bei eucl immer line Vonlaufstelle au haben und in der Schule Leute hennenau leanen.  Ich hoffe, ich hann irgendwann wieder hammen. Es wae ne tolk deit.
Vielen Dank

intensive spanish lessons

25 Mayo 2011
Hola Gabi, Miguel y Isabelle!
Thank you so much for you time and energy. Miguel was a great teacher.  He made sure we practiced and repeated what we learned (especially the verbs) over and over and over and over again.  I feel much more confident using these verbs, which has helped my confidence of speaking Espanol in general.  When I first arrived in Montañita, I knew some basic Spanish, but wasn´t very confident speaking, especially in town, because my vocabulary was very limited.  The first full day in Montañita, I visited Agua Blanca and Puerto Lopez with Gaby and same other students, who had been taking classes the previous week.  I noticed a sense of family among the other students, which made me more conforatbale immediately and I think that stems from Gaby, who has a warm heart, and isn’t hesitant to share that warmth with others, epscially her students.  Miguel also radites a positive energy….very active and animated in his class.  He presented the information in a way that was easy to understand and beneficial to learning.  As a certified teacher of snowboarding and English and a lover of learning/teaching, I recognize teachers who are truly passionate about their profession… and I recognize this in the teachers of Marazul Spanish School.  I didn’t interact with Isabellebut just from the way she smiled, wich happened quite often, I could tell that she, too, had a warm heart. Gaby´s place is always inviting and welcoming.  I felt her door was always open to her student.  Even her 3 cats and Kyle (her dog) are some of the friendliest I´ve come across.  Because if this energy, the closest companeros during my time in Montañita were the ones I´ve met in/through the school.  I hope to come back and learn some more.  Gracias, gracias, gracias para todos.  Este escuale esta en mi alma….hasta siempre.
Much Love
Jon Quitasol 

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