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Montanita is the perfect place for studying a foreign language

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Spanish in Ecuador

Ecuador is not only a popular destination for tourists from all over the world; it is also a great place for studying Spanish. Ecuador is considered to be one of the best places in South America for learning Spanish. Where in the world can you wake up in the rain forest, have your lunch in a hacienda beside a volcano covered with snow and end your day at the beach watching the sun go down.

Spanish in Ecuador

There are a lot of reasons for studying Spanish in Ecuador

  • In Ecuador the people speak a very good Spanish. The use of "slang" is minimal compared to other countries in South America.
  • Ecuador is an affordable backpacker destination, but this does not affect the quality of our Spanish classes
  • Most of the habitants – especially in smaller towns and villages – only speak Spanish. This allows you ample opportunity to practise your spanish as you travel around. The people of Ecuador are very friendly and patient.

Ecuador is a great place for tourists, so you can combine your studies with traveling

Mitad del mundo Ecuador

Ecuador, mitad del mundo

  • It is a popular country for tourists who come to visit the nature and culture of Ecuador: Beside the jungle, the Andes and the beach (all with a lot of national parks) you also have the Galapagos Islands, a paradise of nature. If you are more interested in culture, cities like Quito or Cuenca are UNESCO World Heritage Centres. There are also a lot of small cities and villages where the people live their traditional life. It is worth visiting them.
  • Ecuador is a cheap country. You don´t have to spend so much as you would spend in other countries for traveling or learning Spanish.
  • Ecuador is safer than other countries in the region. Most of the people are very friendly and will help you if you need anything.
  • The country is a perfect starting point for travelers who like to explore South America. In Ecuador you can meet a lot of people who have the same planes like you. So it is easy to find people to travel with.
  • You don't need a visa or anything similar for entering the country. It is easy to find a Spanish school so really you don´t need to make big planes. You only have to buy an airplane ticket.

Spanish in Ecuador – Where?

Because there are so many foreigners who come to Ecuador for learning Spanish there are a lot of schools where you can learn that language. If you don´t like to study in a school you can also do it in some of the universities. For example the catholic university of Quito offers a Spanish course that is very popular with students from the United States.

Video about learning Spanish in Montanita, Ecuador

You can find Spanish schools in all the big towns like Quito (for example ) or Cuenca but also in smaller towns like Machachi. On the coast in the small towns that are popular with tourists, for example Montanita, there are a lot of Spanish schools.

Maybe you don´t want to stay all the time in one place for studying Spanish but like to travel the see different places of the country? Then there is a great option for you: the traveling classroom. You can learn the language and you will get to know the country and its people and culture.

Traveling classroom for learning Spanish in Ecuador

Spanish in Ecuador: Traveling classroom

Together with other Spanish schools we offer this form of learning Spanish in Ecuador: For example for one week you can study in Quito, the next week in Baños, the third week in Cuenca and the last week in our school in Montanita. More information about the traveling classroom

A special destination for learning Spanish in Ecuador: Montanita

Party in Montanita

Montanita is popular for its partys

Montanita is a small town on the coast in the province of Santa Elena en Ecuador. It is very famous for its waves (surfing) and the nightlife (party town). But it is also a great place for studying Spanish:

  • Awesome town, perfect for surfers and people who like party (at night) but also a very relaxed place.
  • A lot of cheap but good Spanish schools.
  • Many foreigners who come to study Spanish.
  • It is easy to find a family to stay with (very good to learn the language and the culture of the people).
  • A lot of sun and big waves.

So, if you like to come to Ecuador to learn Spanish you can contact us. Our school is right on the beach of Montanita:
Movil: 593 – 982511853


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