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Ecuador Spanish School in Montanita
Learn Spanish on the beach of Ecuador

Study in our Spanish School on the beach of Ecuador

Montanita is the perfect place for studying a foreign language

Learn Spanish in Montanita

One-to-one classes

One-on-one Spanish classes

Regular classes

Regular Spanish class

Montanita is the perfect place to relax yourself

Montanita is a great place to relax

Surf and Spanish in Montanita

Why not study Spanish, learn to surf and practise yoga at the same time?

Our Ecuador Spanish Language School in Montañita

Our Ecuador Spanish Language School is accredited by the Ministry of Education in Ecuador as a Center for teaching Spanish as a foreign language. (Centro de Capacitación Ocupacional).

How the program of our Spanish Language School works

One to one Spanish classes

Student during our one to one Spanish classes

One to one Spanish classes in Ecuador

One-on-one classes in our Spanish Language School. We offer the best way to gain a full comprehension of Spanish. Each individual learns differently and what is effective for one student may not be for another. So we have developed a methodology where the teachers and student work together to design a customized study plan. Students are given a placement exam (both written and oral) to determine their existing level as well as identifying any areas of weakness and together determine what their goals may be. In a one-on-one Spanish class, teachers are able to adjust the course to fit any students’ situation.

Our intensive Spanish courses comprise of 20 hours of one-on-one study, 4 hours a day, 5 days a week. We offer lessons from 8am to 5pm, Monday through Friday. For every two hours of Spanish lessons, we have a small break to relax and refresh with a cup of coffee and snack. Our program is flexible and we can always tailor the times, structure, and location of classes to best suit the learning styles and specific needs of each individual student.

Learning experience outside of the classroom

In our Spanish Language School we believe in more than the chalkboard technique of learning. We try to make learning more interesting for you and encourage students to apply their Spanish by extending the learning experience outside of the classroom. We offer varied and interesting activities to stimulate our students and help them to gain a greater awareness of the larger cultural issues surrounding life in Ecuador and life in Latin America.

Latin Dancing is one of our learning experience outside of the classroom of our Spanish Language School

Latin Dancing course - one of our learning experience we offer outside of the classroom of our Spanish Language School

All the activities depend of the number of enrolled students that week> There must be a minimum minimum of three people interested.

  • Weekly Latin dancing and local Ecuadorian cooking classes.
  • Visits to museums and aquariums
  • Our 'Conversation Club', every Wednesday evening, in a local bar/restaurant for a chance to practice the Spanish taught in class. Discuss diverse cultural topics together with Ecuadorian friends, in an informal, relaxed setting.
  • Weekly Spanish Movie Night (Noche de cine Iberaméricano).

The classroom of our Spanish Language School

Most people have negative associations of sitting in a cold classroom for hours and hours on end, but our classroom is set in a special place: a relaxed garden setting that focuses the mind and calms the soul. You came to Montanita to relax, not stress out! We all chose to live in Montanita by the beach to spend our time in a place that stimulates and inspires the mind and soul. We want to share this experience with you!

Ecuador Spanish Language School - classroom in Montañita - Ecuador

The classroom of our Spanish Language School

We are far enough from the town of Montanita itself to prevent excessive noise from ruining your studies. Within our gardens, you will study in a peaceful setting whilst hearing the crash of ocean waves in the background while you study, you´ll love the good energy here.

Video of the Ecuador Spanish Language School

Teachers at Mar Azul are certified to prepare students to take the DELE exam. The "Instituto Cervantes" only recognizes the DELE (Diploma for Spanish as a Foreign Language) as a certificate for foreign students that wish to study in Spanish universities or even work in Spanish speaking countries. This course prepares you to pass the exam.

We use the "lengua viva" Spanish books and the IE system for teaching Spanish (International del Espanol) approved by ministry of Education of Ecuador

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