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Learn Spanish on the beach of Ecuador

Study in our Spanish School on the beach of Ecuador

Montanita is the perfect place for studying a foreign language

Learn Spanish in Montanita

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One-on-one Spanish classes

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Regular Spanish class

Montanita is the perfect place to relax yourself

Montanita is a great place to relax

Surf and Spanish in Montanita

Why not study Spanish, learn to surf and practise yoga at the same time?

Other Programs and extra-activities


Why not try yoga on a magical beach? Yoga has been found to aid the body immensely, improving muscle strength, circulation, and easing stress and tension while improving balance--a fantastic complement to surfing! Our yoga instructor, Whitney has been a practitioner of Yoga for over 15 years and teaches Vinyasa flow, an energetic form of yoga that will raise your pulse and limber you up. And the setting couldn't be better! Her open air studio has fresh ocean breezes and sea views. Combine these classes with your intensive spanish courses in Ecuador. Each class is about 1hour and 15minutes long, normally the schedules for the yoga studio are publish weekly here:YOGA SCHEDULE


Want to loosen your hips to Latin beats? Learn Spanish in Ecuador with the sounds of music in Montanita and dance to the tunes that will energize you on the dance floor. Our dance instructor, is a top instructor of Salsa, Merengue, Cumbia and much more. You will practice for about an hour and a half a day and can be arranged to meet your schedule.


Our surf adventure vacations are designed for groups of beginners wishing for an introduction to surfing and intermediate surfers wanting to further their skills. Do you want to learn a new skill, challenge yourself, try something completely different, explore a new area, enjoy spanish lessons in Ecuador lain on the beach with the sun, or just relax in beautiful surroundings? Then pack your bags, and leave the rest to us.





The "Instituto Cervantes" only recognizes the DELE (Diploma for Spanish as a Foreign Language) as a certificate for foreign students that wish to study in Spanish universities and work in Spanish speaking countries.

The DELE are internationally recognized official qualifications with permanent validity. Examinations are held in May, August and November.

Normally, this course comprises 4 weeks of intensive study--2 weeks of normal grammar revision and 2 weeks of preparation for the exam itself with simulatores of the test. Teachers at our Spanish school are certified to prepare students to take and pass the DELE exam.

The basic requirement for this program is the students must have an advanced level of Spanish before, you have completed all three levels basic, intermediate and advanced.
If the student has an intermediate level can also prepare for this exam but first we will have to approve all previous levels.

There are some cathegories for the test and the preparation can change depending of the level that you would like to do in your test:

Diploma in Spanish Level A1. (Spanish for travelling)
Diploma in Spanish Level A2. (Spanish comprehension and comunication skills)
Diploma in Spanish Level B1 (formerly Beginner).
Diploma in Spanish Level B2 (formerly Intermediate).
Diploma in Spanish Level C1. (Effective Operational Proficiency)
Diploma in Spanish Level C2. (Make it to the top!)


Met us up in skype:

Spanish online is a fundamental tool to improve your Spanish fast and secure, from the comfort of your home in your own free time. We have to make an appoitment with advance and deposit via to set the schedule for your first class, how it works:

1) Email us asking for spanish online program

2) We will set a time schedule for your spanish lessons

3) Class start on time and excersices will be send it via email

4) Homework after every class also

We require an minimum of 10 lessons (10 hours per week paid in advance)

For more hours, prices, discount or flexible schedule, please contact us


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