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Ecuador Spanish School in Montanita
Learn Spanish on the beach of Ecuador

Study in our Spanish School on the beach of Ecuador

Montanita is the perfect place for studying a foreign language

Learn Spanish in Montanita

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One-on-one Spanish classes

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Montanita is the perfect place to relax yourself

Montanita is a great place to relax

Surf and Spanish in Montanita

Why not study Spanish, learn to surf and practise yoga at the same time?

Spanish Traveling Classroom Ecuador

Traveling Classroom for Spanish in Ecuador

Spanish Traveling Classroom Ecuador

Why not explore Ecuador while exploring the Spanish language with our Spanish Traveling Classroom. We work in conjunction with the top Spanish schools in Ecuador in the most famous 4 destinations of Ecuador. Enrich yourself with the unique cultural highlights, adventure activities, and natural wonders of Montanita, Quito, Cuenca, and Banos, spending a week in each place.

How does the Spanish Traveling Classroom Ecuador work

The Spanish traveling classroom Ecuador operates on a continuous rotating basis. You have the option of either starting in Montanita and go Montanita-Cuenca-Banos-Quito or start in Quito and go Quito-Baños-Montañita-Cuenca. (or skip Cuenca and go deep into the montains with our parner in Quito, Location Machachi - Hosteria Papagallo, 5 days excursions + Spanish Lessons + Accommodation + complete meals) contact us for more information.

Classes of the Traveling Classroom Ecuador will be similar in each location, 5 days a week, 4 hours of instruction each day, totaling 20 hours per week.

In the end of the week, you will have a different level in your Spanish but all the teachers and schools has the same program and methodology, I mean you will be always in the same system, you would not lose the structure. The Academic director will contact to the next location and will send the program that you ended, this help us to keep going in your learning journey.

Accommodation with hostel in the area or host family, extra activities, transport * These are optional.

Highlights of the Spanish Traveling Classroom in Ecuador

Cuy: Typical food in the Sierra of Ecuador


Cultural capital of the Ecuador, full of traditions, art, culture and an amazing arquitecture. Our friend Spanish School in Quito is a friendly, well structurerated and profesional school. All the teachers are experienced and certificated of teaching spanish in Ecuador, also with years of experience helping to the tourist to learn spanish in a latin speaker country.

Visit the Mitad del Mundo Monument while in the Traveling Classroom


Banos of course is part of the Spanish Traveling Classroom in Ecuador: Bathe in the natural and therapeutic hot springs of this mountain top town, Banos offers exciting adventure activities of Adrenaline and a great nightlife too. Raft through charging rivers, gaze at the wonders of Ecuador's volcanic peaks, mountain bike, or take jungle tours all while immersing yourself in Spanish.

Banos - Ecuador


Listed as a UNESCO world heritage site, Cuenca offers a snapshot of Ecuador Colonial past--cobblestone streets and an impressive array of whitewashed and red tiled cathedrals and buildings highlight this stunning town. Originally built by the Incas, Cuenca once rivaled Cuzco, their capital, in its splendor. Stroll through town and sip coffee in one of the breezy cafes and take in the impressive museums. Cuenca will be sure to charm.

Cathedral in Cuenca

Montanita: you know why you want to come: sun, surf, and fun!

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Price per student: contact us

Another benefict of the Spanish travelling classroom, 4 weeks learning spanish in Ecuador, is that you can organize the schedule as your combinience, after the reservation, we will send you a fist script or example of the plan then you can check the details and we can organize it together until your time and your experience learning spanish, it would be the best in your life.

Would you like to see how looks like the first schedule of our program, please click here: simple example of our program traveling classroom for Spanish in Ecuador and Traveling Classroom Machachi.

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