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Ecuador Spanish School in Montanita
Learn Spanish on the beach of Ecuador

Study in our Spanish School on the beach of Ecuador

Montanita is the perfect place for studying a foreign language

Learn Spanish in Montanita

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One-on-one Spanish classes

Regular classes

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Montanita is the perfect place to relax yourself

Montanita is a great place to relax

Surf and Spanish in Montanita

Why not study Spanish, learn to surf and practise yoga at the same time?

Montanita - Ecuador

The town of MontanitaHere is the description of Montanita, Ecuador - the city where you can find our Spanish Language School

Montanita is located on the beach, in the province of Sana Elena, in Ecuador, 180km northwest of Guayaquil. The word "montanita" means "small hill" in English. Montañita is known as a hidden treasure that - a few years ago - did not even appear on the maps. Its combination of perfect waves, golden sand, high tolerance among their locals and visitors and tropical vegetation have slowly developed its reputation as a tropical paradise (more about Montanita in Wikipedia).

The structure of the village of Montanita itself is simple consisting of a few offshoot streets all lined with funky restaurants, hostels, internet cafes and shops. Artisans sell jewelry and handicrafts, street vendors sell warm Arepas and cool Ceviche, people laze about on the beach or in the many restaurants and bars.

Video about Montanita and about learning Spanish on the beach in Ecuador

You will be allured by the sights, sounds, and smells. World class waves for practicing or learning surf all year round abound in Montanita . "La Punta" first started drawing surfers here years ago with it´s famous right point wave. But Montanita is more than just surfing. It is one of the most interesting villages in South America, multicultural with residents and tourists from all over mixing with the local community--most find its incredible natural ambience difficult to leave.

The beach of Montanita

The beach of Montanita

Party Town of Ecuador with culture, sports and nature

Montanita Ecuador is what you want it to be. You can come here to relax and be in touch with nature, enjoy the surfing or discover the special and unique nightlife, dancing into the early hours and live bands and DJs.

Montanita has the reputation of the party town but is more than that, for us is culture, sports like surfing, beautiful beaches, nature, Ecuadorian traditions and diversity of the tourist.

Surfing in Montanita - Ecuador

Montanita is the best place for surfing in South America, between February and July the waves reach a height of 3 meters

There are a variety of incredible travel destinations near Montanita. Mar Azul Spanish school can also organize various day trips and excursions. We offer diverse and varied programs in which you can mix adventure, nature and learning.

How to go to Montanita

The easiest way to go to Montanita is to take a bus from Guayaquil. The biggest city of Ecuador is about 180 kilometers away (direction southeast). From Quito it is recommended to take a bus to Guayaquil or to Puerto Lopez (and then a bus in direction Salinas – Ruta del Spondylus - to Montanita).

Bus schedule Guayaquil to Montanita

Bus schedule Guayaquil - Montañita

Montanita attractions

The town of Montanita offers a lot of attractions for tourists and people who like to study Spanish.

Family of Montanita

A Family of Montanita during their dinner

  • The first look at Montanita will surprise you, the town has lots of lights, music, people walking and smiling.
  • Montanita is one of the most liberal places in whole Ecuador, where some tourists smoke marijuana on the streets (but of course it is illegal!) and some female tourists go topless on the beach.
  • All the residents of Montanita are very friendly, cultural diversity allows you to practice your Spanish and relax while occasionally speaking in English.
  • The town is divided into three parts, the most colorful is the center of Montanita, where are located the restaurants, bars, cafes and nightclubs also the group of street artist who make Montanita a bohemian town.
  • The heart of Montanita is the community, family farmers and fishermen who born to this town, families are very traditional but really open to the tourism, because now they work and suppurt their economy with it. In this area you can find the traditional Ecuadorian food, handicrafts and the normal and real life of the community in Ecuador.
  • The third part of Montanita where we are located corresponds to the green and natural area, we have vegetation, animals and the most beautiful part of beach, miles of sand and perfect waves for all levels. In our quite area are located the most beautiful hostels. Also for our school is very important the relaxed atmosphere to study Spanish fast and relax and some mettres distance the famous LA PUNTA, the best known surf point in Ecuador, where you can admire our surfers making art on the sea or you can surf with them.

City map Montanita

A map of Montanita (from Bing): North is on the left side

The whole town can be traversed in 20 minutes from north to south.

Attractions near Montanita

Whale watching in Ecuador

Not only the town is interesting. You can also do trips to some of the best tourist attractions of Ecuador which are close to Montanita:

  • Whale watching on the coast.
  • Visit the Isla de la Plata (as beautiful as the islands of Galapagos) and the Isla Salango, where you can go snorkeling or fishing.
  • Visit the waterfall Dos Mangas, located only 7km away from Montanita.
  • One of the most beautiful beaches of Ecuador – Los Frailes, located in the National Park Machalilla – is close to Montanita.

Why learn Spanish in Montanita?

Montanita not only is a perfect place for tourist but also for studying Spanish. Yes of course, as a student you can also enjoy all the tourist attractions of our costal town in Ecuador. The Spanish classes usually are only a few hours per day, so you have enough time to go surfing, relax at the beach, go shopping, meet other people in the bars and restaurant, make trips to national parks near Montanita or enjoy the nightlife.

Study Spanish in Montanita

Study Spanish in Montanita and enjoy your life!

But there are also some specific reasons for studying Spanish in Montanita, Ecuador:

  1. In Ecuador the people use much less slang than many South and Central American countries, so you can learn a "pure" Spanish.
  2. Life is quite inexpensive in Ecuador, especially in small towns like Montanita (Quito of course is much expensive).
  3. There are a lot of foreigners in the town (people who live here and tourists) who speak English. It is very easy to make contact with those guys to study together, make plans for the night, find people to surf with and of course for further travels in Ecuador.
  4. Because there are a lot of foreigners in Montanita many people of the town speak – sometimes a little bit, sometimes a lot of – English. So it is quite easy for you to communicate with these people (in a restaurant, shop, when looking for a tour or taking a bus for example), especially if you are not so well in speaking Spanish.
  5. After your Spanish class, you only need to walk two minutes to reach the beach; you can even go to the beach during the breaks of the class. In other places like the capital of Ecaudor you have to take a bus for half an hour or more to just go to your hotel.
  6. If you don´t like to stay in a hostel you can stay with a family. That's the best place to learn Spanish because you will be people who all the day speak Spanish. We have contact with different families where you can stay. In the big cities of Ecuador it is nearly impossible to find a family to stay with if you don´t make an arrangement with some organization or company.
  7. The quality of studying Spanish in Montanita is the same as studying in Quito. Our Spanish School for example is accredited by the Ministry of Education in Ecuador as a Center for teaching Spanish as a foreign language. All of our teachers have a lot of experience in teaching Spanish and of course, all of them have an university degree.
    The difference between the schools in places like Quito and Montanita is that in Montanita the schools are cheaper.

There is not a better place to learn spanish in southamerica, beach, sun, waves, food, amazing spanish teachers and at night cockteles....! Life is Good in Montanita!

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