At Mar Azul Spanish School all the programs combine immersive Spanish Language study with cultural exploration. All set to the idyical background of Montanita, Ecuador.  We offer a variety of lesson types ranging from one-on-one to a small group setting. We have programs that range from an intense language training to ones that are a mix of surf, yoga and fun!

All levels are welcome!

Come with an open mind and a willingness to learn.

We will take care of the rest!


Regular Spanish Program – Basic

For those who have had little background or exposure to the Spanish Language, we offer a dynamic learning method which is accessible to all ages. Skills developed are basic pronunciation, grammar, and vocabulary necessary for everyday living. This basic course covers 20 hours of Spanish instruction time, depending on the student progress.

Regular Spanish Program – Intermediate

At this level, students are able to communicate and will continue to develop their vocabulary. The Intermediate Spanish course covers 20 to 40 hours of instruction time, depending on the student’s progress.

Regular Spanish Program – Advanced

For students already quite familiar with the Spanish language and who would like to continue to deepen their grammar, pronunciation, and vocabulary. Writing, expression, literary and cultural knowledge are also featured through a variety of forms.

Students will benefit from the diversity of materials and sources used in the Advanced level. At this level, students and teachers have the flexibility to determine the issues of interest to be studied, as well as the materials, methods, and time-frame. The advanced course covers 20 to 40 hours of instruction time, depending on the students progress.

Yoga and Spanish

You will have no excuse not to try yoga at the onsite yoga studio found in Casa del Sol.  Yoga has been found to aid the body by improving muscle strength, circulation, and balance, however it also eases stress and tension making it the perfect complement to your Spanish lessons!

Each class is 90 minutes in length and you can choose from 10 + classes weekly. You can find the updates schedule here.

Surf and Spanish

For the adventurous types, Montañita is an ideal place to learn how to surf! Balancing out the Spanish classes by moving the body and challenging yourself in the ocean.  A few lessons is enough to start in this amazing sport, and then you can improve your level practicing by your own way.

Our in house instructor has been surfing these waves for 20 years and is a certified lifeguard. Rest assured you are in good hands as you learn how to ride the waves.

Survival Spanish Program

Ideal for those who are beginning South American travels and would like a better grasp of Spanish, the program covers the basics of Spanish, emphasizing simple conversational and listening skills which travelers would encounter. The program comprises 4 hours a day of intensive courses, five days a week.

At in the end of the week, we guarantee that you will begin to communicate your ideas and needs in Spanish, enough to travel in South America.  Book now!

Preparation for the DELE Exam

Our instructors are certified to prepare students for DELE exam. The DELE (Diploma for Spanish as a Foreign Language) is internationally recognized as the certificate for foreign students who wish to study in Spanish universities and work in Spanish speaking countries.  Examinations are held in May, August and November.

This course comprises 4 weeks of intensive study and students must have an advanced level of Spanish unless special approval is granted by our instructors.  Preparation can change depending on which level of the DELE students intend to take. Please contact us for more information.

Spanish Traveling Classroom Ecuador

Why not explore Ecuador while exploring the Spanish language with our Spanish Traveling Classroom? We work in conjunction with the top Spanish schools in Ecuador in the most famous 4 destinations of Ecuador. Enrich yourself with the unique cultural highlights, adventure activities, and natural wonders of Montanita, Quito, Cuenca, and Banos, spending a week in each place.

Classes of the Traveling Classroom Ecuador will be similar in each location, 5 days a week, 4 hours of instruction each day.  Prices differ per season.  Please contact us for more information.