“Give your mind a chance to travel through foreign languages”


Here at MarAzul Spanish School we believe in the power of learning. We also believe that studying a foreign language  increases your global awareness and understanding of the world. It allows you an opportunity to learn more about the country, the culture and its people. And we are here to help you do all of that!

Located at the far end of the beach in the tranquil gardens of Hostal Casa del Sol, we provide personalized Spanish lessons in a comfortable, easy going environment. Your native Spanish-speaking teacher is qualified and will prepare lessons and study materials according to your learning style. One-to-one, two-to-one and group learning options are available.

We are proud to employ 100% Ecuadorian teachers that are happy to share their language and culture!

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Why study in Montanita? 

Small classes next to the beach, excellent weather and year round beginner surf. Our small village is divided into three areas, the old town of Montanita where you can find our local traditions and can practice your new skills, the “center of town” which comes alive a night with a plethora of restaurants, bars and cocktails to suit your budget. Finally we have ‘La punta’ which is a small community of hotels and restaurants that wake up early to surf and congregate every evening to watch the sunset. Here you can relax in a hammock after your spanish lessons, or do your homework lying in the sun. Also it is the perfect opportunity to take your first surf or yoga lesson, challenging yourself with all sorts of new things!


Of course there are other awesome reasons for studying Spanish with MarAzul and in Montanita:

  • The people of Ecuador speak a very good Spanish, and their use of ‘slang’ words are limited compared to other countries in Latin America, so you can learn a “pure” Spanish.
  • The large number of foreign visitors who both live and visit Montanita means you won’t have any problems only speaking a little Spanish.
  • Life is quite inexpensive in Ecuador! Fresh fruit, veggies and seafood abound for next to nothing.
  • We are a small school and because of this we can offer high quality classes at an affordable price. Our Spanish School is accredited by the Ministry of Education in Ecuador as a Center for teaching Spanish as a foreign language and all of our teachers have university degrees and extensive experience in teaching Spanish.


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