,Established in 2009, at MarAzul you will find top quality, experienced Spanish teachers. Each one holds a university degree and has taught in Quito and other locations in Ecuador. All the teachers have a basic level of english to help guide you through the fundamentals of the language. The school has also been certified from the Ecuador Ministry of Education as a Spanish Language teaching center.

Why MarAzul?

We are small school which means more time spent on learning and less time spent in town with the party.  We are geared towards students who want to learn and leave feeling confident in their new found skills. Our goal is to help students find success at the spanish language by building a strong foundation.

We believe in more than the chalk and board technique of learning. In other words, our goal is to make your experience uniquely  interesting. And so, we encourage both the students and teachers to take the classes outside of the classroom!  Go for a walk on the beach, eat lunch at a restaurant in town, or take a tour of a nearby village! As a result, this allows you an opportunity to extend the language skills into real life.

Programs and Packages

Mar Azul Spanish School has programs geared towards all types of budgets and experiences, including:

  • Intensive Spanish for traveling
    One week of classes with emphasis on the basic knowledge needed for your travels around South America.
  • Regular Spanish classes
    Three levels: basic, intermediate and advanced.
  • Surf and Spanish Program
    New sport, new language. Challenge both your mental and physical bodies.
  • Yoga & Spanish
    Daily yoga classes to help relieve the stress of learning a new language.
  • Traveling Classroom
    We work in conjunction with the top Spanish schools in Ecuador allowing you to explore 4 destinations in Ecuador, while continuing your classes.

See which program is right for you!